Episode #26 – Unleash Your Meta-Power: A Conversation With Julie Oden (Relaunch)

Julie Oden Performance Coach

Episode Description:

Today, we are relaunching our incredible episode featuring the phenomenal Meta-Performance Coach and Branding expert, Julie Oden.

Julie is a certified Meta Performance coach and Brand consultant with an over 25+ year track record of success working with high-profile. Today, she spends the bulk of her time working with leaders and companies who are moving into a season of transformation. 

She leverages her deep curiosity about what motivates people, along with her expansive brand, marketing and corporate experience to help organizations get out of their own way so that they can drive impact well beyond what they thought possible. 

 Key highlights:

  •  Julie’s season of change
  • Shaping your dream future
  • Conversations with coaches
  • Meta-performance coaching
  • Finding the right coach

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