Lori provided timely, comprehensive and thoughtful support to multiple Health Service Providers during the COVID outbreak. Specifically, she acted on behalf of Hospitals as the Lead for the Mobile Enhanced Support Teams completing recruitment, training, onboarding and deployment of staff into settings in COVID outbreak. She developed all the required tools and shared these tools regionally throughout North Eastern Ontario. Lori was very quick to grasp the needs and remained highly responsive throughout the project.
—Lloy Schindeler
Director, Sub Region Strategy and Planning, Ontario Health North


I just started working as a Manager at the hospital, Lori helped me fast track my understanding of the team that was working in the department.  She spoke to every employee, discussed teamwork and communication, what it meant to them and what their needs were.  She provided me with specific feedback on employee needs and concrete steps to make the team stronger.  This led to us becoming a more cohesive team much quicker than it would have normally taken when starting in a new job with a new team.  Ultimately, its improved group performance, efficiency and communication

—Julie Culverhouse
Manager, Plant and Maintenance, Sensenbrenner Hospital

After a few sessions with Lori, I found my mind shifting into spaces that I did not know existed. The coaching sessions brought about clarities and an indept introspection about myself, my space and my future. I enjoyed her professional and friendly approach and how we navigated the journey together. I definately would work with her in the future and wish her all the best.

—Irshaad Haniff
Teacher, Wycombe Abby

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