Thriving in Remote Work with ZAVA’s Kris Jones

In this episode, Kris Jones, head of product at ZAVA, shares insights on creating a highly engaging work environment and the importance of flexibility. The conversation covers Kris’ background, experiences at Amazon, the concept of a dream job, and the significance of aligning company values with individual values. It also delves into ZAVA’s approach to flexibility and the challenges of remote working. The conversation delves into the challenges of remote work, the importance of setting boundaries, and the need to recognize and respect the diverse needs of a remote team. It also emphasizes the significance of trust, clear communication, and empathy in creating an engaging workplace culture.

Key Highlights:

  • Crafting an Elevator Pitch: The Impact of Company Values on Career Choices
  • The Flexibility Factor: Navigating Remote Work Challenges
  • Employee Experience: Delivering on the Promises Made
  • Navigating the Challenges of Remote Work
  • Building Trust and Setting Boundaries in a Remote Team
  • Recognizing and Respecting Diverse Needs in the Workplace


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