Leveraging Employees’ Strengths with Brar’s CEO Kiran Mann

In this episode of the People Powered Podcast, Lori interviews Kiran Mann, the CEO of Brar’s, a company known for creating a workplace environment where people feel seen, heard, and valued. Kiran shares her journey and how Brar’s has become a platform for her to apply her expertise in developing a positive work culture. She emphasizes the importance of aligning values, identifying strengths, and creating a supportive environment for employees to excel.

Key Highlights

  • Identifying Low-Hanging Fruits for Transformation
  • The Importance of Specific Feedback
  • Guiding the Younger Generation in Career Exploration
  • Building Systems for Employee Growth and Development
  • Fostering Collaboration and Innovation
  • Leveraging External Consultants

Connect with our Guest, Kiran

LinkedIn: Kiran Mann

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