Forging Stronger Teams After Acquisition with Jim Kaldem

In this episode, Lori interviews Jim Kaldem from the Nelson Miller Group, covering leadership, post-acquisition integration, and sales process optimization. Jim shares insights on transitioning to influential management, blending cultures post-acquisition, and aligning work with individual strengths. He emphasizes the importance of profitability versus reaching full potential, starting with people in process improvement, implementing lean principles, and fostering transparency and empowerment. Jim underscores the significance of developing people, reducing costs, ensuring quality, and continuous culture improvement.

Key Highlights:

  • Navigating Post-Acquisition Integration
  • The Aha! Moment in Integration
  • The Four Steps of the Sales Process
  • Coaching and Empowering Employees
  • Transforming a Toxic Culture
  • Developing People and Fostering Loyalty

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