Filling Your Cup: The Power of Prioritizing Self-Care with Trevor Muir

In this episode, Trevor Muir shares his personal story of struggle and transformation. He grew up in a small farming community and went on to co-found SurePoint, a successful company. However, despite his outward success, Trevor found himself feeling empty and unhappy. He reached a breaking point and sought help from a therapist. Through this process, Trevor learned the importance of prioritizing self-care and filling his own cup before he could effectively show up for others. This realization transformed his relationships and his life.

Key highlights:

  • Reaching a Breaking Point and Seeking Help
  • The Detrimental Effects of Societal Pressure to be Selfless
  • Prioritizing Self-Care and Self-Love for a Fulfilling Life
  • Giving Yourself Permission to be Selfishly Selfless
  • Rediscovering Yourself and Finding Joy in Life
  • Changing Someday to Today: The Power of Taking Action


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