#Episode 21 – Embracing Conflict and Cultivating Leadership with Jerry Fu

Episode Description:

Today, we’re joined by Jerry Fu, a pharmacist and leadership coach who specializes in working with Asian-American professionals. Jerry’s expertise lies in resolving workplace and personal conflicts and guiding individuals on their career paths.

Before diving into coaching, Jerry earned a Biology degree from Rice University and completed pharmacy school at the University of Tennessee-Memphis. His journey into coaching began after teaching a leadership workshop in 2012, leading him to become a pharmacy manager and ultimately achieve certification in leadership coaching, Talent Optimization, and Emotional Intelligence.

In today’s episode, Jerry shares insights on learning from negative experiences, handling conflict, and breaking generational and cultural learning patterns. Join us as we explore how Jerry’s unique approach can benefit you personally and professionally.

Key Highlights:

  • Embracing Lessons from Adversity
  • Navigating Inevitable Conflict
  • The Power of Positive Conflict
  • Jerry’s Conflict Navigation Framework
  • Disrupting Generational and Cultural Learning Patterns


Download Jerry’s guide: A Simple Framework for Hard Conversations

Visit Jerry’s website: Adapting Leaders

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