Episode #28 – Data-Driven Decisions with Sarah Medeiros

Sarah Medeiros

Episode Description:

In this episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Sarah Medeiros, a seasoned HR strategist with over 7 years of experience in shaping and implementing dynamic HR strategies. Sarah’s journey has been marked by her unwavering commitment to supporting teams across diverse landscapes, catering to their unique needs and driving them toward realizing their full potential.

With a keen eye for detail, Sarah has been the architect behind comprehensive HR frameworks, carefully designed to optimize learning and assimilation. She believes in the power of simplicity, employing both adult learning and graphic design principles to present complex information in a way that captivates and enhances the learning experience.

In today’s conversation, we’ll be exploring key highlights of Sarah’s expertise, from navigating the challenges of facing a plateau to understanding the pivotal role of data in HR. Discover insights into gathering and leveraging data, the integration of AI, and the crucial aspect of educating the leadership team. Get ready for a deep dive into optimizing your HR approach with Sarah Medeiros!

Key highlights:

  • Navigating Plateaus
  • Unlocking the Power of Data in HR
  • Strategies for Effective Data Gathering
  • Harnessing the Potential of AI
  • Empowering the Leadership Team through Education


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LinkedIn: Sarah Medeiros

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