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Unlock potential with structured programs

What happens to a business brimming with potential but lacking structured development programs?

Without structure, employees may feel lost, leading to skill gaps and dwindling engagement. Valuable insights remain locked in individual minds, impeding knowledge transfer. Emerging leaders lack guidance, hampering succession planning. Crafting a strong company culture becomes an uphill battle!

Accelerate Growth and Development

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“The greatest asset of a company is its people”
Jorge Paulo Lemann

Our Accelerator Bundles provide a tailored framework customizable to your business needs. Our products encompass everything you need for seamless implementation.

This will benefit your organization directly when:

Our Accelerator Bundles include everything you need to implement structured programs today! 

Each product can be customized for your business needs. 

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Enhance Your Talent development Strategy with Tailored programs

Unlock your workforce’s potential with our Mentoring Toolkit! This bundle provides a tailored framework customizable to your business needs. Our products encompass everything you need for a seamless implementation.

What’s included?

  • Mentoring Guide: Customizable document to clarify roles for potential participants. Outlines expectations of mentees and mentors and provides tips for a successful mentoring relationship.
  • Mentor e-Learning: Equip mentors with essential skills, from effective communication to tailored guidance techniques. Empower mentors to provide impactful support, foster meaningful relationships, and drive growth of themselves and mentees.
  • Mentee e-Learning: Equip mentees with the knowledge and skills they need to make the most out of their mentoring relationship. This module covers essential topics such as goal setting, effective communication, and personal development strategies.
  • Mentor Tracking Tool: Monitor and measure the progress of your mentoring program with our Mentor Tracking Tool. Keep track of participants and program milestones, ensuring a structured and successful mentoring journey.
  • Mentoring Agreement Form: Establish clear expectations and responsibilities with the Mentoring Agreement Form. This document outlines the roles, goals, and commitments of both mentors and mentees, setting the foundation for a productive relationship.
  • Mentoring Check-In Form: Facilitate regular check-ins between mentors and mentees with our Mentoring Check-In Form. This tool helps in documenting progress, addressing challenges, and setting new goals to ensure continuous development.

Ensure a smooth transition for your new hires with our comprehensive Onboarding Toolkit. Designed to streamline the onboarding process, this toolkit covers all compliance requirements, welcomes new employees, and gets them up and running quickly.

What’s included?

  • 30-60-90 Day Plan: Outline a clear roadmap for new hires with our 30-60-90 Day Plan. This strategic plan helps employees understand their goals, expectations, and milestones for their first three months.
  • Introduction e-Learning: Welcome new employees with our engaging Introduction e-Learning module. This customizable course covers company culture, values, and essential information to help new hires acclimate quickly.
  • Onboarding Guide: A comprehensive guide that provides detailed instructions for creating and executing an effective onboarding process. This guide includes best practices, templates, and checklists to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Evaluation Surveys: Collect feedback from new hires to assess the effectiveness of the onboarding process and identify areas for improvement.
  • Process Map for Roles: Visualize the onboarding journey with a process map that outlines the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved, ensuring a coordinated and efficient onboarding experience.
  • BONUS: Offboarding process map for smooth exits.

Ensure new employees have a buddy to guide them through their first days and weeks, making their transition smoother and more welcoming.

What’s included? 

  • Buddy Profile : A profile for managers to identify important characteristics and preferences, ensuring a good match between buddies and new hires. This helps in creating meaningful and productive mentoring relationships.
  • Buddy Guide: Provide buddies with comprehensive instructions on how to support new employees. This guide covers best practices, key responsibilities, and tips for creating a welcoming and effective onboarding experience.
  • New Hire Tip Sheet: A handy reference for new employees, this Tip Sheet includes quick tips and actionable advice to help new hires understand what to expect and how to leverage their buddy.
  • Buddy Checklist: Ensure nothing is overlooked with our Buddy Checklist. This step-by-step list covers all the essential tasks buddies need to complete to help new employees settle into their roles.
  • Buddy Feedback Form: Collect feedback from both buddies and new hires to evaluate the effectiveness of the buddy program and make improvements.

Identify and nurture high-potential employees, preparing them for future leadership roles and ensuring your organization’s long-term success.

What’s included?

  • Guide for Managers to Identify High-Potential Talent: Instructions on recognizing high-potential employees based on performance, leadership qualities, and growth potential.
  • Development Plan Template: Customizable template to create individualized development plans for high-potential employees.
  • Guide for Employees: Comprehensive guide outlining the role of high-potential employees in the program and providing tips for leveraging development opportunities.
  • High-Potential Talent Tracker: Tool to monitor the progress of high-potential employees, including tracking development milestones and performance metrics.

Evaluate and develop your leaders’ skills with comprehensive assessments and targeted development plans to enhance their effectiveness.

What’s included?

  • Process Guide: A detailed guide outlining the steps to assess and develop leadership competencies within your organization. This guide ensures a structured approach to identifying and nurturing leadership talent.
  • Assessment Template: A comprehensive form used to assess leadership competencies. This tool helps in evaluating strengths, identifying areas for improvement, and creating development plans.
  • Guide for Employees: Provide employees with a clear understanding of the leadership competencies expected of them. This guide outlines the skills and behaviours required for effective leadership within your organization.
  • Guide for Raters: Equip raters with the necessary knowledge to evaluate leadership competencies effectively. This guide includes instructions, criteria, and tips for providing constructive feedback.

Create customized performance development plans that align individual goals with organizational objectives, driving growth and productivity.

What’s included?

  • Template Form: A customizable form that helps in creating detailed performance development plans. This template ensures that all key aspects of performance improvement are covered.
  • Guide for Employees: Assist employees in understanding and utilizing their performance development plans. This guide offers insights and tips on setting goals, tracking progress, and achieving development objectives.
  • E-Learning for Raters: An interactive e-learning module designed for raters. This course provides training on how to assess performance, give constructive feedback, and support employee development effectively.

Gauge employee satisfaction and engagement with thorough surveys that provide actionable insights to improve your workplace culture.

What’s included?

  • Survey Template: Comprehensive and customizable survey template covering key areas of employee engagement, satisfaction, and workplace culture.
  • Customized Report with Recommendations: Detailed report compiling survey results with insights and actionable recommendations based on feedback.
  • Filters for Data Analysis: Filter survey results by various demographics for detailed analysis.
  • Follow-Up Action Plan Template: Template to create action plans based on survey results, identifying key areas of improvement and setting goals.
  • Communication Plan Template: Template for communicating survey, survey results and subsequent actions to the organization.
  • BONUS: Employee Focus Group Guide: Instructions and tips for conducting employee focus groups to explore specific issues identified in the survey.

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