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At People-Powered Solutions, we partner with innovative companies that are looking to ignite a culture transformation and improve employee engagement. We provide a customized journey that aligns with your unique company culture. Our comprehensive range of HR consulting services includes targeted programs designed to meet your employees needs, as well as dynamic leadership development initiatives. We ensure you are able to continuously measure, map, and improve on the overall corporate culture. Let us point your business in the right direction, using a mix of foresight and insight.

We are happy to tailor any of our services below to the needs of your organization. Book a free discovery call to talk about your company and workplace culture.

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Happiness Factor Culture Transformation

It can be hard to juggle daily HR tasks and trying to transform workplace culture. Our proven expertise in culture transformation will improve employee engagement, retention, and performance development with customized, practical solutions. We can tailor the level of support to meet your needs. We can kickstart a 3-day  intensive planning workshop with DIY implementation, accelerator bundles with ready-to-implement programs, or VIP-level long-term support through implementation.

By investing in our culture transformation services, your people-power will drive long-term success and unlock business potential.

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Everything DISC Workshops

Unlock the power of your people with Everything DiSC Workplace workshops, designed to enhance collaboration and productivity across all levels of your organization. These assessment-based learning experiences provide personalized insights that help employees and managers understand themselves and others better, leading to improved communication, stronger teamwork, and a healthier workplace culture. Learn how we can use Everything DiSC Workshops to equip your team with the tools they need to work more effectively together.

We can tailor Everything DiSC Management Workshops, designed for anyone in a management role. These workshops combine DiSC with personalized management insights, helping managers engage, motivate, and develop their people more effectively. Participants learn to adapt their approach to each direct report, enhancing their management effectiveness in real-time and fostering a great management culture. Learn more about how we can use Everything DiSC Management Workshops to inspire great managers.

Contact us to learn more.

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Leadership Development

Empower your new and aspiring leaders with growth-focused development. Our tailored 12-month Leadership Development Program will provide leaders with a comprehensive 12 module program series that enables them to design and adopt the people-powered leadership approach required to empower, engage and retain talent.

Learn how our leadership development program can elevate leadership at your company.

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Conflict Resolution and Management

We train your teams to have productive conflict and empower them to own their working relationships. We run a 1-day Productive Conflict Workshop with a custom personalized assessment and conflict mediation sessions. Learn how our productive conflict workshop can transform  how your organization resolves conflict.

We train managers, HR teams, and union representatives in our Conflict Resolution and Management Intensive. You will learn how to conduct conflict resolution and create binding mediation agreement templates that drive results. Learn more and register today to resolve conflicts with confidence.

You can also bring us in to conduct conflict analysis and mediation sessions based on your unique needs. Contact us to discuss your conflict resolution needs.

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HR Data Visualization

Let’s fix up your dashboards and get you the people data you need to make crucial decisions. Whether in Office’s Power BI or Google Suite’s Looker Studio, we’re happy to meet you where you’re at so you can analyze your HR metrics. Contact us to learn more.

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Speaking Engagements

Use our years of experience, and invite our CEO Lori-Ann Duguay to speak at your next seminar or conference. Her insights and expertise will inspire and inform your audience, driving forward-thinking and innovation in your organization. Contact us to discuss your event. 

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