An Antidote for ‘Quiet Quitting’ – The Secret Ingredients

An Antidote for ‘Quiet Quitting’ – The Secret Ingredients

In last week’s post, we discussed the ‘Quiet Quitting’ trend and highlighted its impact on organizations. We also started to explore the formula of an antidote that can be used to remedy employee disengagement.  We talked about the key to happy employees being creating a highly motivating work environment and culture. The post concluded by providing a methodology of sorts or formula to map out your current employee experience to identify where there may be opportunities to further infuse the secret ingredients (motivational drivers) to create the workplace culture that attracts and keeps thriving talent.

Essentially these are the 10 features of a workplace that make people want to not only show up and occupy space but show up and perform! They are basically the secret ingredients of the antidote that will enable you to create the culture that people want to work for!

  1. Clarity People want to understand their role, responsibilities, the company’s expectations and what they can expect from the organization.
  2. Communications: People want to know what is going on and want to be provided with the information they need to perform their jobs. They want information to be consistent, transparent, multidirectional and flow through multiple channels.
  3. Purpose and Impact: People want to know that they work for a company that makes a difference in the lives of people and that the work they do matters.
  4. Growth opportunities: People want to know that there is room to grow within the organization.
  5. Training and development: People want to work for organizations that provide them with the training and developmental opportunities that empower them to grow.
  6. Rewards and recognition: People want to work for organizations that recognize and value their contributions. They want to feel seen and heard.
  7. Work life balance: People want to work for organizations that understand and support them in having a life outside of work.
  8. Autonomy and empowerment: People what to work for organizations that trust them to do their work and provides them with the coaching required to step into their full potential.
  9. Leadership: People want to work for organizations that have leadership that set the direction and take a people-centred approach to coaching their employees to reaching that destination.
  10. Relationships: people want to work for organizations that facilitate connections with their peers, with their teams and with their leadership.

Once you have measured your organization’s infusion of these key motivational drivers into every step of the employee experience in your company, a simple gap analysis will enable you to identify where there may be opportunities to improve on the journey and ultimately your workplace culture.

I challenge you to identify some short, medium and long-term improvements, make a plan to implement them, then, once some of these tweaks have been executed, repeat the employee engagement measurement exercise you initially conducted at the onset of this process.  

You would be surprised to see how quickly you are able to increase engagement with some very minor tweaks to your current people management practices.

Quiet quitting will not persist in a work environment that takes the time to understand the motivational needs of their employees and further adapts the culture to ensure that it integrates, facilitates and satisfies these needs.

If anything, this quiet quitting trend is shining a powerful light on an extremely prevalent employer challenge and giving organizations the opportunity to do better by their employees.

It is a reality check to continuously check-in and evaluate their end-to-end employee experience and make improvements to offer a culture to attract and keep the talent they need to thrive in the new world of work.

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